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Having regular eye exams is one of the best ways you can protect your vision and prevent long-term effects of common eye problems. Allen Smith, OD, and Nicole Gdowski, OD, of Lifetime Eyecare, offer comprehensive eye exams for adults and children at their location in Jenison, Michigan. Whether you have blurry vision, dry eyes, or have no symptoms at all, Dr. Smith and Dr. Gdowski can help every member of the family keep their eyes healthy and working well. For a yearly eye exam, call or request an appointment.

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What is an eye exam?

An eye exam, or a vision exam, is important to the overall health of your eyes and helps to avoid long-term effects of many common eye problems. Regular eye exams should take place at least once a year, and more often if you have some health conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Eye exams are valuable, even if you do not wear glasses or contact lenses. Many common eye problems, like glaucoma, do not show any signs or symptoms until you have irreversible impaired vision; so early detection is key to avoiding vision loss.

What are common eye problems?

Common eye problems Dr. Gdowski and Dr. Smith at Lifetime Eyecare regularly monitor as part of your comprehensive eye exam include:

Myopia – or nearsightedness
Hypermetropia – farsightedness
Presbyopia – age-related eye changes
Astigmatism – blurry vision
Glaucoma – damage due to increased pressure of the inner eye
Macular degeneration – distorted vision due to changes in the macula
Cataracts – cloudy vision due to film on the cornea
A key part of regular eye exams is monitoring for any changes to your eyes or any progression of disease. If needed, your eye doctor prescribes treatments, such as corrective lenses, eye medications, or surgical procedures to correct your vision.

What does a comprehensive eye exam entail?

At Lifetime Eyecare, a comprehensive eye exam involves several tests to evaluate different aspects of your vision. Your eye doctor may order additional testing if needed.

A vision test includes the following:
Visual field: To check for blind spots or decreased peripheral vision
Pupil reaction: To check how your pupils react to light
Cover test: To check how your eyes work together
Alignment: To check your eyes are lined up properly with each other
Retinoscopy: To check what type of corrective lenses you may need
Visual acuity: To check the sharpness of your vision
Refraction: To determine the prescription of corrective lenses
Dilation: To get a clear view of the inside of your eye
Glaucoma testing: To check for elevated internal pressure of the eye

Lifetime EyeCare is proud to offer Optomap, a high-resolution camera that takes ultra-wide, superior quality images of the retina. This helps track changes to your vision and allows for early detection of problems that may cause vision impairment.

For a comprehensive eye exam, call or schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith or Dr. Gdowski at Lifetime Eyecare.