Love Your Glasses Guaranteed.

Frame Warranties Our frames are crafted using the finest materials found in the industry today. We warranty our frames for 1-year under normal use. If your frame breaks under normal wear with no apparent signs of abuse, it will be replaced at no cost. If the frame does show signs of wear that doesn’t fall under “normal use” (such as bite marks from your dog), we will split the cost with you at 50%.

glasses-on-noseLens Warranties Our lenses are the pride and joy of what we do. Our staff and Doctors study our lens options very carefully and recommend them in full faith that they are the best value and performance on the market. Because of this, we take great pride in providing a 1-year lens warranty for every pair of glasses we sell. This warranty is all inclusive against scratches, breakages and coatings that are exposed to extreme circumstances (such as high/low temperatures and chemicals).

Patient Prescription Guarantee If your prescription doesn’t seem correct and you were seen by our doctors, we will re-examine you for free within 30 days from the exam date. If the glasses were made from an outside doctor’s prescription they will need to be re-checked by that doctor and then the new written corrected prescription should be brought to one of our opticians. The lenses will be remade at no charge- unless we upgrade the lens style, type, design, or with the addition of coatings or treatments resulting in additional charges that will need to be collected. After 30 days however, we reserve the right to charge for office visits and any lens changes at the doctor’s discretion.

COMPLIMENTARY Cleaning Spray, Microfiber Cloth with Order of Glasses and FREE Adjustments for a LIFETIME!